Recruiting men to your Pastor Prayer Team will have some of the same challenges as asking men to join you in a bible study or a small group or to attend a men’s conference. Don’t get discouraged – what you are doing will change the course of your own local church! Stay with it and here are some tips:

#1 BUSY  Most men have very little margin or at least feel that way. They are ‘busy’. Asking them to do another thing is not how to broach this opportunity.

#2 MISSION  Men are wired for mission and need to understand the why of Pastor Prayer Team. Share what you believe God will do as your team intercedes for the pastor every day AND reaches out to give him personal affirmation every day, week after week, month after month.

#3 BROTHERHOOD  Most men are not engaged in a meaningful missional community with their brothers in Christ. This is an easy entry point to experience some level of Christian Brotherhood.

#4 SERVE  A majority of men would rather serve then be served. They would rather pray for a person in need than ask for prayer. Pastor Prayer Team is a great match for this as it allows them to serve the pastor.

#5 INFORM vs. INVITE   It is not enough to inform men of this opportunity – it is necessary to invite them to join you and your brothers in this opportunity. Face to face or a phone call is always best for inviting. Personal email may also work.

#6 DEADLINE   Men understand deadlines. Set a deadline and go meet it and bring that sense of urgency to every invitation that you make.

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