Today is your day!

When your day of the month arrives – here are some tips…..

What to pray for your pastor?

  1. Pray for his personal time with God. This is not sermon prep or getting ready for bible study. This is the time when he prays and meditates on God’s Word and connects to God
  2. Pray for his family. Start with his marriage. Pray for a growing oneness for he and his wife and that he would ‘love her like Christ loves his church’.
  3. Pray for his personal ministry. This again would be his family but would also include the people he is directly responsible to mentor and disciple
  4. Pray for his finances. Ask God to meet all his needs and more.
  5. Pray for friendships. Although pastors have a lot of people contact, they often do not have close and trusted friends

With #5 in mind, be sure to follow through and reach out to your pastor today. Choose your method:

  1. Stop by the church for a 5 min visit. Maybe bring him a cup of coffee or something like that
  2. Call him on the phone. It will take two minutes. Tell him that you love and appreciate him. Let him know that you have his back. Let him know he is doing a great job.
  3. Leave a voice mail if he does not or cannot pick up. Let him hear your voice!
  4. Send him a text message. Share that you prayed for him today and you love and appreciate him. Encourage him to keep up the good work.
  5. Send him an email message – maybe with content like that of above

Thanks for committing to be part of the team of men at your local church who will pray and affirm their pastor one day each month. Together your team provides a spiritual covering and important personal encouragement.

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