Team Members

Day 1
Coach Marc Birthwright
Day 2
Coach Joe Magri
Day 3
Coach TJ Fitzgerald
Day 4
Coach Bobby Ossofsky
Day 5
Coach Carlos Casanova
Day 6
Coach Steve Cervera
Day 7
Charmain Kevin Breen
Day 8
Coach Mike Modica
Day 9
Tech Director Mike Rohde
Day 10
Coach Sunny Eng
Day 11
Rick Casmass
Day 12
Andrew Popkin
Day 13
Al Pappadia
Day 14
Vincent Alaimo
Day 15
Louis Gomez
Day 16
Ralph Cipriano
Day 17
Billy Mac
Day 18
Tom Denzler
Day 19
Daniel Evans
Day 20
Minister Shawn Cooper
Day 21
Iron mike Moran
Day 22
Jose Pacheco
Day 23
Phil Campisi
Day 24
Minster Ed Rivera
Day 25
Artie Martin
Day 26
Ben Young
Day 27
Bob Fryer
Day 28
David Garrison
Day 29
Joe Avolese
Day 30
John Tomaselli
Day 31
John Kelly

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